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Living lion-hearted


What is Nalah Life Ministries?

Nalah Life Ministries was birthed by founder, Allie Schwab, after years of recovering from domestic violence and sexual assault. Allie allowed God to turn her “mess” into a message by supporting other Christian women, who have survived domestic violence and trauma, in their healing journey.

Be transformed by the renewing of you mind. Positive mindset.

Renew Your Mind

Reclaim your identity in Christ. A woman with a artistic cross finds hope in her relationship with God. Living lion hearted

Reclaim Your Identity

Rebuild your life after trauma. Living lion hearted. A woman in a meadow laughs freely after surviving trauma

Rebuild Your Life

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What Does it mean to live lion-hearted?

Living Lion-Hearted means you see yourself as Christ sees you, and you walk in His authority.

You have risen above your wounds, from domestic violence and trauma, and set your inner lioness free!

You walk with pride, and confidence and like the queen that you are.

Renew your mind. Reclaim your identity. Rebuild your life.


Where to Start

Are you new here sis? Start here and find some helpful information intended to help you on your journey.


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how to tell your story of abuse
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How to Share Your Story of Abuse

Sharing your story isn’t easy. There are challenges you will face, precautions to keep in mind and many platforms to choose from. 

However, sharing your story and pushing through the tough stuff is important. It is time to share your story with the intention to help yourself and others heal and raise awareness of domestic violence.


To empower Christian women to heal from domestic violence by reclaiming their identity, renewing their minds and rebuilding their lives.

“Her roar is an exulting cry, For hers is a song of freedom, A lioness rising to the Promised Land, And she dares to realize all she was created to be.”

-Wilhelmine Wachter