You Have to Start Somewhere

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If you are on this page, you may be new and just starting your healing and self-discovery journey. If you are questioning “What is Domestic Violence?” That’s ok.

If you want to read My Story you will find out that I too questioned what domestic violence looks like, and I needed someone to simply spell it out for me.

When you understand domestic violence, you need to understand what it looks like in your relationship(s). Have a read of the Types of Abuse. You will find clear examples of how your partner is abusing you.

If you are thinking to yourself, “I’m in An Abusive Relationship. Now What?” do not fret. Identifying that you are being abused is the first step toward finding freedom and healing.

It may seem you have an enormous journey ahead of you. And honestly, you do. But it’s a doable and worthwhile journey. It’s a journey that requires God to walk in front, behind and beside you. I’m also here to walk alongside you to offer support, encouragement, tools and my experience to help make this all a little bit easier.