Nalah Life Ministries was birthed by founder, Allie Schwab, years after recovering from domestic violence and sexual assault. Allie allowed God to turn her “mess” into a message by supporting other Christian women, who have survived domestic violence and trauma, in their healing journeys.

What does the name mean?

The name “Nalah” means “Queen and beloved woman”, taken from Swahili origin. Allie believes that despite what a woman has been through, she is still a queen. Abuse and trauma often cloud a woman’s ‘queen identity’, but when a woman partners with God in her recovery, this identity is renewed. To live “A Nalah Life” means to live lion-hearted; as a lioness who is strong, empowered and knows her worth and value.

Nalah Life Ministries helps Christian women who have survived domestic violence rebuild their lives by renewing their minds and reclaiming their identities in Christ.